Terms and Conditions

1. Panraa Clinics:

Panraa Pty Ltd trading as PanraaClinics (ABN 87656021144) website: www.panraaclinics.com.au. Panraaclinics is a digital health platform providing telehealth in various formats, including email, audio, and video consultations. Panraa Clinics is created and operated by Doctors. Panraclinics connects doctors with patients using online platforms. Panraaclinics does not employ doctors or other health care providers and has no financial interest in particular providers. Panraa Clinics does use private, subcontracted doctors to provide healthcare services to patients who register through the Panraa Clinics platform. These subcontractors have health indemnity insurance. All practitioners subcontracted by PanraaClinics are AHPRA registered and are doctors trained and working in Australia.

Panraa Clinics doesn't operate under any pharmacy's or other entity's influence. Panraa Clinics and all the subcontracted Australian registered doctors follow strict Australian clinical guidelines and will refuse service where it’s not appropriate and unsafe. Panraa Clinics doesn’t use any paper notes. All prescriptions are E-Scripts and can be dispensed by any pharmacy in Australia. Panraa Clinics takes no responsibility for any mistakes made by any pharmacist dispensing the medication.

This website's code, software, and all its contents, including the logo, descriptions, FAQs, images, questionnaires, and information, are the sole property of PanraaClinics PTY LTD and are protected by copyright laws.

2. Patients:

To access the Platform, complete the triage process by completing our clinical questionnaire. The doctor will always call the patient for all script-based phone consults. The questionnaire is designed to save time for the doctor to conduct an efficient and safe consult by capturing as much information as possible before the phone call. This clinical questionnaire is available for all patients to complete safely on their own time. Each patient questionnaire submitted is stored in a safe patient file for the doctor to review. All customers must be over 18 and reside in Australia. You must only fill out a questionnaire for yourself if you are a guardian of an ill minor. You require a caregiver medical certificate; even in this case, the child’s details should be filled in. You are responsible for informing your regular doctor of any medications that the doctor has prescribed you through this platform.

You must inform the Health Provider of any side effects or other issues arising from any treatment provided by the Health Provider through the website. You must tell your GP and other health care professionals about any medical treatment received via the website. If a Health Provider prescribes any medication, you must carefully read all product packaging and patient information supplied with the medicine. If your medication appears damaged or wrongly dispensed, you agree to contact the dispensing pharmacy to seek advice and replacement as required. Panraa Clinics has no affiliation or partnership with any pharmacies at this stage. You can fill your prescriptions at any pharmacy in Australia.

If you do not understand any question asked in our website assessment or any advice given by a Health Provider, you should seek clarification immediately by contacting us in detail atadmin@panraaclinics.com.au

You agree that any medications prescribed for you by a Health Professional as part of the e-health service will be issued electronically by the health professional to an email or SMS provided by yourself. You are responsible for paying the pharmacy for dispensing and supplying medication. Suppose you don’t receive the prescription or medical certificate because you mistakenly provided the wrong email or mobile number. In that case, Panraa Clinics is not responsible for reissuing the script or medical certificate, and no refund will be issued if you provide the wrong email or mobile number.

Prescriptions are issued entirely at the discretion of the Health Provider. Panraa Clinics cannot guarantee that a consultation with a Health Provider will result in a prescription being issued. You agree to inform your GP and other health professionals about the medication supplied and the advice given to you through the website.

We are not liable for damages that arise from your failure to inform your GP or other healthcare professional about the treatment you receive from the website.

Panraa Clinics reserves the right to refuse/ block the patient from using this platform if the patient uses aggressive or offensive language, refuses to pay the fee appropriately, or demands treatments or documents outside this platform's scope. We reserve the right to refuse assistance if you need to use this platform more effectively.

3. Fee Structure

Panraa Clinics is entirely privately billed. We don’t use Medicare billings, and consults are not eligible for Medicare rebates.

Panraa Clinics will not refund any fees charged.

Patients go through clinical triage /questionnaire forms, and the questionaries are designed as such that if the patient doesn’t fit a criteria, they are asked immediately to not to book and see their own GP in a face-to-face consult. If a patient knowingly answers incorrectly and then books the consult, no refunds will be provided after the doctor has spoken to the patient.

Furthermore, as the patient has already been notified regarding specific consultation standards, the patient knowingly breaches the notification and books anyway. No refunds will be issued.

For example: NO REFUNDS. We only provide a maximum of THREE consecutive sick days; any illness lasting longer than this time needs face-to-face consultation and investigations. We don’t provide extensions already issued in the last seven days. We provide back-dated certificates in the last one day for a maximum of THREE days. The doctor will cancel the appointment, and no refunds will be issued if you don't follow the above policy.

You understand that PanraaClinics is not covered under Medicare Australia at this time, no Medicare rebate is available, and no bulk billing option is offered as part of this service.

Bulk billing options are only available for House calls provided to the highest standards, where applicable.

4. Refunds:

We don’t offer any refunds for changes of mind. Once a consultation is booked, a doctor is already assigned to it. We will provide a refund minus a $2 admin fee if the consultation is canceled at least 8 hours before the appointment time by proper email notification. After this point, no refunds will be issued.

For Medical certificates, no refunds will be issued in any circumstance.

5. Liabilities:

You release Panraa Clinics from all responsibility for health and medical matters, including information provided to you about those health and medical matters, and acknowledge that these are the responsibility of the Health Provider.

You agree that Panraa Clinics is not liable for any loss, damage, expense, or claim arising from damage, loss, injury, or death caused directly or indirectly by the Health Provider. You release Panraa Clinics from liability for any claim arising from those circumstances.

You agree that neither Panraa Clinics nor any Health Provider is responsible for loss or damage arising due to you failing to provide true or fully complete information or failing to comply with any of your obligations listed in the patient’s section of this policy.

We reserve the right to modify these Terms without notice. Your continued use of the Platform after changes are posted constitutes your acceptance of these Terms as modified.

The Platform is provided on an "as is" basis and is used by you solely at your own risk. At any time, we may withdraw, suspend, or discontinue any functionality or feature of the Platform. The Platform and the content (excluding any content uploaded by you) within the Platform are our property. You must not reproduce, transmit, adapt, distribute, sell, modify, publish, or store content on the Platform (other than content uploaded by you) for any purpose other than with our prior written consent. If any of these terms are held to be invalid or unenforceable, then the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions will not be affected.

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