Please Note: We provide a backdated medical certificate only for the previous day.

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Request a backdated medical certificate online from our AHPRA-registered doctors for work, school, or other purposes.

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Gastroenteritis or Morning Sickness

Feeling nauseous or having stomach pain due to inflammation and viral infection?


Persistent headaches for long hours, sensitivity to light and sound, and throbbing one-sided headache?

Musculoskeletal Pain

Are you feeling pain in your muscles or joints? An injury may cause severe pain that requires rest.

Period Pain

Pain or discomfort during menstruation with back pain, severe cramps, and mood changes require rest.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

Cough? Sore throat? Runny nose? Persistent high fever. These are all symptoms of respiratory tract infection.

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Can Doctors Backdate Medical Certificates?

In Australia, getting a medical certificate with a backdated date, whether through online channels or traditional methods, can raise serious concerns.

However, according to the Australian Medical Association (AMA) guidelines, altering the date a certificate is issued is strictly prohibited. An Australian GP can only certify if the patient is unfit for work a day before assessment.

Medical certificates are legal documents. Hence, falsifying the certificate will have severe consequences, including professional repercussions for the healthcare provider and the individual.

Steps to Request a Medical Certificate Online

Here are a few simple steps to getting a dr certificate online:

Submit a Request

Please complete a simple questionnaire by selecting your concern. Read the information carefully and select the option that best suits you.

Complete the Payment

Review and proceed with the payment once you have completed all the details.

Receive your Backdated Medical Certificate

Receive your medical certificate directly in your inbox within 6 hours of payment between 8 am and 9 pm.

*In some instances, the doctor might call you for additional information to assess your condition accurately before providing a sick certificate.

*Please provide accurate and true information; do not fill in misleading or false information which may jeopardize your position.

What We Require

Information Needed for Your Online Medical Certificate

All medical certificates will be sent electronically and should contain the doctor’s details, address, signature, and the date the patient can't work or study.

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address
  • Contact Details
  • Government ID

Why Choose Panraa Clinics?

10+ Treatments
10+ Treatments

We offer a range of services for you, from online doctor consultations, where you receive guidance virtually, to medical certificates in times of need.

AHPRA-Registered Doctors
AHPRA-Registered Doctors

Our doctors are well-trained and follow strict Australian guidelines. We also ensure that your information is kept within Australian borders.


Once your consultation is complete, get your prescriptions online and take them to any pharmacy anywhere in Australia.

Safe and Private
Safe and Private

We understand you. That's why we offer safe, discreet, and confidential consultations so that you can feel secure and discuss concerns with the doctor in your home.

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At Panraa Clinics, we are committed to providing healthcare that is - compassionate and understanding.

Your service is fantastic.

It saved me the distress of booking a doctor's appointment at my regular GP. The doctor who looked after me was so courteous. I collected my script and am on my way to recovery. This is a much-needed service in the uncertainty we are now living in. Keep up the excellent work. I will use the service again.

- Maria Prostamo

It's beneficial

to get a script quickly when away from home (although I'll also be happy to use it at home for minor issues). The doctor called a bit earlier than the scheduled time, so the response was even better than the one hour from the booking (on a Friday afternoon), and he was lovely to deal with. Excellent service, quick help, and a reasonable price under $30!

- Sandra SS

Excellent service.

The phone call was quick and easy; the doctor was friendly and understanding and was at the chemist with my script in no time. Highly recommend.

- Shelley Mitchell

Living rurally means waiting weeks to see a doctor.

Knowing the signs of discomfort, I jumped online but could not book an appointment locally. I came across this company and decided to fill out the questionnaire, lodge my information, pay, and book the time for my call. I received my call promptly and was assisted by the doctor, who was informative and helpful. After the diagnosis was confirmed, my script was sent directly to my phone. Upon confirmation that my script had arrived and that if my symptoms continued, I would visit my GP, our call ended. I immediately visited the chemist to obtain my antibiotics. Such an easy, helpful, quick, and efficient process. Thank you, Panraa Clinics. Couldn’t be more helpful.

- Heidi M

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