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The booking process and consultation were pretty seamless.

I was called the day before my scheduled appointment, so that was a bit out of the norm I ended up having the consult then without my test results with me, but in the end, that didn't stop the process of receiving scripts for current meds for 2 chronic issues. Doc was polite. I am happy with this process. I still need to have scripts dispensed when I go to the local pharmacy this week.

- Deb Robinson

Panraa Clinic's services are fantastic.

It saved me the distress of booking a doctor's appointment at my regular GP. The doctor who looked at me was so courteous. I collected my script, and I am on my way to recovery. I will use the service again.

- Maria Prostamo

Excellent service.

The phone call was quick and easy, and the doctor was friendly and understanding. I was at the chemist with my script in no time at all. Highly recommend.

- Shelly Mitchell

Living rurally means waiting weeks to see a Doctor.

I jumped online, knowing the signs of my discomfort, and could not book an appointment locally. I came across Panraa Clinics and decided to fill out the questionnaire. I lodged my information, paid, and booked the time for my call. I received my call promptly and was assisted by the doctor, who was informative and helpful. After the diagnosis, my Escript was confirmed and sent directly to my phone. After confirming that I had received my Escript, I would visit my GP if my symptoms continued. Our call ended, and I immediately visited the chemist to obtain my antibiotics. Such an easy, helpful, quick, and efficient process. Thank you, Panraa Clinics. Couldn’t be more helpful

- Heidi M

This service was so quick and convenient.

Having called a couple of doctor clinics and not available for even telehealth on a long weekend, I got an appointment with Panraa Clinics within 2 minutes. The GP called 7 minutes before the scheduled appointment. It was affordable and much more comfortable than waiting to see someone in person, and I got the script within the phone call to the GP.

- Grace Faulkner

It's beneficial to get a script quickly when away from home

(although I'll also be happy to use it at home for minor issues). The doctor called a bit earlier than the scheduled time, so the response was even better than the one hour from the booking (on a Friday afternoon), and he was lovely to deal with. Excellent service, quick help, and a reasonable price under $30!

- Sandra SS

Very quick

Asked all the right questions, would recommend, and will use again. My only concern is that I mentioned chills; the doctor suggested that because it was a warm day!

- Manda Palmer

Very impressed with the service.

Prompt, calling much earlier then the earliest time slot I selected which suited me great, although may not for other people. I had a script texted to me within minutes of describing my symptoms. What a time saver. No waiting in a waiting room, no drive to the GP, I can go straight to the chemist right now and move on with my day. Price is also more than reasonable. Very impressed, thank you for your service.

- Kimberley Robertson

Highly recommend

Very prompt helpful medical service. Well priced. Doctor was thorough and very pleasant.

- Vicki L

Super helpful in a time of need.

I was surprised at how simple this process was. My regular doctor is on holiday, and I thought I’d have to wait to see her until I discovered Panraa Clinics.

- Natalie

Great service, as usual.

Will continue to use Panraa Clinics.

- Alex Trewin

I highly recommend Panraa Clinics.

I recently needed to use the service, and the booking interface was nice, easy, and streamlined. The booking process to pay was also easy. The doctor called a little earlier than the scheduled time, which I was happy with.
The GP was thorough and confirmed I received the script via SMS before hanging up. I had a follow-up test with my physical GP, who was happy I sought after-hours care from Panraa as my matter was time-sensitive.
It's fantastic that a service is available for matters that can be diagnosed via text/call, and it also cuts the long wait at a GP for minor matters that can be assessed quickly, It's also budget-friendly at $24.99.

- Therance & Jeanine

What a fantastic service from Panraa Clinics!

I was unable to get an appointment and tried this service. I would highly recommend it! The process was easy, safe, efficient, and completed in less than an hour. I spoke to a lovely doctor within half an hour. And then, I could go to the pharmacy to collect my prescription. The cost was only $29.99 for the appointment, which was less than it would have cost to go to my GP.

- Emma Bibby

Fantastic service!

I required a quick script for a common problem, so I went to the doctor, but there was a two-hour wait at 8 p.m., and the chemist closed at 9 p.m. I found Panraa Clinics, and it was worth a try. If you encounter any problems with payment, just email them, and they will fix it in no time. I'm so glad I found Panraa Clinics. I highly recommend them!

- Karen Roco

Great service

I booked in, and while I had a minor issue with booking, it was quickly resolved with an email. The doctor on the phone was lovely, and I got a much-needed script promptly. Great service. I recommend it.

- Caitlan McLennan

Beneficial and timely service.

- Louise Wheelahan

Easy, affordable and quick consult

This is the third time I have used Panraa clinics for a script. The first time I was travelling around Australia and couldn't get into a GP clinic and the last 2 times have been due to weekend and living in a small country town and having no available appointments. Was quick and prompt phone call, easy to view script and affordable.

- Kristy

Very impressed, thank you for your service.

- Kimberley Robertson

Fast efficient and affordable

Rung me 30 minutes before the time I booked for only 10 minute from my initial booking to consultation. Easy, fast and affordable. What more could you ask for.

- Rebekkah Nelson

Great fast service! Got an appointment quickly.

The e-script was sent via text seconds after the appointment.

- LM S

Great support was provided by consulting the doctor.

The doctor knew what he was discussing and did not beat around the bush.

- Susan

Super helpful and non-judgmental service.

Kind and well-explained

- April Ocrede

This service was so quick and convenient.

Having called a couple of doctor clinics and not having availability for even telehealth on a long weekend, I got an appointment with Panraa Clinics within 2 minutes. The GP called 7 minutes before the scheduled appointment. It was affordable and much more comfortable than waiting to see someone in person, and I got the script within the phone call to the GP.

- Grace Faulkner

This service is excellent!!

It was great to speak with an actual doctor (on a Sunday) over a minor issue and get the script I needed without leaving my home! It was also much cheaper than booking an appointment with my regular GP!

- Fiona Hayward

I had to use this service today

I had to use the service from Panraa Clinics today - it was so easy to use, low cost, convenient, and efficient. The doctor called me before the scheduled time and was very kind, empathetic, and professional. I felt cared for - thank you for providing such an excellent service.

- Candice Mace n

Highly recommend

For fast & easy Doctor advice with access to eScripts, Panraa is an excellent option. Highly recommend.

- Grace Faulkner

A straightforward process and friendly service.

- Jodie Wallace

Quick and excellent!

- Remedios Villavicencio

Easy, quick and on time.

- Mandy

Very quick, very easy. Friendly Dr. Great pricing.

- Lisa Catelotti

An absolute God send

Within the hour I had my Telehealth consult and was able to go to the pharmacy without waiting around in a crowded waiting room!

- Kylie

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