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At Panraa Clinics, your health and safety are our top priorities. We are an Australian-based telehealth service that allows you to conveniently request consultations, prescriptions, and certifications safely and conveniently online from the comfort of your home.

All of our doctors are Australian-trained and AHPRA-registered practicing GPs in the community. By choosing video, text, or phone appointments, we ensure you get the tailored healthcare you need based on your unique condition.

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How does our Process Work?

Book online in these four simple steps.

Select a Service

Select a Service

Whether you're interested in arranging a telehealth appointment, need a prescription, or require medical certificates, we've simplified it all to just a single click. To start, pick a service from our diverse range of options.

Fill out the Questionnaire

Fill out the Questionnaire

After choosing a service, complete the online assessment by answering a clinical questionnaire designed to capture the relevant information and present it to your dedicated doctor. This is to understand your medical concerns and to make consultations more efficient and safe.

Choose a Time

Choose a Time

Upon filling in the questionnaire, join your virtual appointment comfortably at home. Our efficient virtual intake process swiftly provides your doctors with the essential information they need to address your needs comprehensively.

Have a Consultation Online with an Australian Doctor

Have a Consultation Online with an Australian Doctor.

Once all information is provided, receive guidance and recommendations from the medical experts. Our Australian-qualified doctors will reach you online, and they can electronically transmit necessary prescriptions to you.

Panraa Clinics vs Traditional In-office Consultation

Accessibility is our aim so you can reach us with an instant doctor consultation online at your convenience.

Panraa clinics vs.Traditional in-office consultation


We provide consultations for the following:

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Get a UTI prescription online by booking a phone consultation and filling out this brief questionnaire.

Sexually Transmitted Infection (Chlamydia)

Get treatment for STIs by booking a phone consultation and filling out this brief questionnaire.

Oral Contraceptive Pills

If you have questions regarding oral contraceptive pills, book a phone consultation by filling out this brief questionnaire.

Genital Herpes

Get treatment for genital herpes by booking a phone consultation and filling out this brief questionnaire.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Get in touch with us for more information about our services and treatments.

Registrations and Certifications

Panraa Clinics is created and run by Australian Doctors. Hence, it is our mission to improve the health of Aussies through compassionate care and innovation. You can be assured we provide safe and effective services following the AHPRA's latest telehealth guidelines.

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What People Say About Panraa Clinics

Know what people say about accessible, affordable, and convenient healthcare at Panraa Clinics.

Panraa Clinic's services are fantastic.

It saved me the distress of booking a doctor's appointment at my regular GP. The doctor who looked at me was so courteous. I collected my script, and I am on my way to recovery. I will use the service again.

- Maria Prostamo

Excellent service.

The phone call was quick and easy, and the doctor was friendly and understanding. I was at the chemist with my script in no time at all. Highly recommend.

- Shelly Mitchell

Living rurally means waiting weeks to see a Doctor.

I jumped online, knowing the signs of my discomfort, and could not book an appointment locally. I came across Panraa Clinics and decided to fill out the questionnaire. I lodged my information, paid, and booked the time for my call. I received my call promptly and was assisted by the doctor, who was informative and helpful. After the diagnosis, my Escript was confirmed and sent directly to my phone. After confirming that I had received my Escript, I would visit my GP if my symptoms continued. Our call ended, and I immediately visited the chemist to obtain my antibiotics. Such an easy, helpful, quick, and efficient process. Thank you, Panraa Clinics. Couldn’t be more helpful

- Heidi M

This service was so quick and convenient.

Having called a couple of doctor clinics and not available for even telehealth on a long weekend, I got an appointment with Panraa Clinics within 2 minutes. The GP called 7 minutes before the scheduled appointment. It was affordable and much more comfortable than waiting to see someone in person, and I got the script within the phone call to the GP.

- Grace Faulkner

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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Are Telehealth consultations safe, private, and confidential?

Can a family member or caregiver join me in my Telehealth appointment?

Get Assessed by Australian-qualified GPs in the Comfort of your Home

We are a team of qualified Australian doctors, and your safety and security are our priorities. If you suffer from these conditions, schedule an online doctor consultation with us today.