Frequently asked questions

Read all our answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding online prescriptions, telehealth appointment, and online medical certificate services.

General Questions

What are your opening hours?

How do I see an online doctor?

Is it safe to use your service?

What if I need to change my appointment?

What if I'm running late?

What if I miss my appointment time?

Do you provide opioids, pain relievers, and sleeping aids?

Many telehealth platforms offer similar services, so why should I use Panraa Clinics?

What makes Panraa Clinics different than other telehealth companies?

Why do you have few Google reviews?

Where are your doctors based?

Why won't you offer services to children?

What is Panraa Clinics?

FAQs for Medical Certificate

Can I get a medical certificate online?

Can I get a medical certificate without seeing a doctor?

Is an online medical certificate legal?

Can I get a backdated medical certificate?

How many days can I get the certificate for?

Would you write my diagnosis on a medical certificate?

Can my employer verify the medical certificate?

I missed the court date / Parole attendance. Can I use this medical certificate?

Is it 100% guaranteed that I will get the certificate?

Do you provide work cover / Centrelink TAC certificates?

Do you provide mask exemptions, vaccine exemptions, and COVID-19 clearance certificates?

What details would you provide on the certificate?

What is the cost of medical certificates?

Is my information secure?

What is your refund policy?

What if my appointment is canceled? Will I get a refund?

FAQs for Online Prescriptions

What are the steps for acquiring an online prescription?

In what form will I get my prescriptions?

Is it legal to get e-scripts?

Is it 100% guaranteed that I will get the prescriptions I want?

Do you provide antibiotic prescriptions for acute infections?

What sort of medications are available via online consultation?

Are these scripts PBS subsidized?

What is the cost of online prescriptions?

How do I get treated for UTI, Genital Herpes, and STI?

FAQs for Repeat Prescriptions

Do you supply paper prescriptions at all?

How do repeat prescriptions work in Australia?

How long are Australian prescriptions valid for?

Do I get repeat prescriptions of medications?

What is the cost of repeat prescriptions?

FAQs for Medicare Card

Why do you need my Medicare card and personal details?

Can I use my Medicare card for a consultation?

What if my Medicare card is expired or I don't have a Medicare card? Can I still apply for a medical certificate?

FAQs for Telehealth Consultation

What do I need to have in order to use your service?

What should I do if I have a technical issue?

Are Telehealth consultations safe, private, and confidential?

Can a family member or caregiver join me in my Telehealth appointment?

What is the cost of online telehealth consultations?