How Long Do Prescriptions Last in Australia? A Guide to Prescription Validity

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How Long Do Prescriptions Last in Australia? A Guide to Prescription Validity


Online prescriptions ensure individuals can access medications from anywhere to maintain or improve their health. 

However, regulations and guidelines surrounding the validity of prescriptions and understanding these rules are essential for individuals in Australia who rely on prescribed medications. 

Let’s delve into how long do prescriptions last in the Australian healthcare system.

How Long Does A Prescription Last?

Let us understand how long is prescription valid for. Most prescriptions stay valid for 12 months from the original date of issue. 

After that, the prescriptions are no longer usable. You must arrange an online consultation with your doctor if you require repeats or a prescription.

The expiration date serves several purposes, mainly ensuring patient safety and appropriate medication management. 

It helps prevent misuse or overuse of medications, encourages regular medical check-ups, and allows healthcare professionals to reassess patients’ conditions and adjust treatment plans.

However, there are exceptions to the standard 12-month validity period for prescriptions in Australia. 

Certain medications may have shorter validity periods due to their potential for abuse or dependence. 

These medications require closer monitoring and stricter regulations to prevent misuse and ensure patient safety.

What are the Important Details to Remember?

We covered whether prescriptions expire in Australia, but what other details should the prescriptions entail.

Prescription Validity

For eligibility under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) or Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (RPBS), a prescription must meet the following criteria:

  • Valid under state or territory law.
  • Written by an approved PBS prescriber.
  • Prescribers must adhere to prescribing restrictions outlined in the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits. To ensure prescription validity, prescribers must:
  • Use ink on a standard PBS prescription or an approved computer-generated form.

Patient Details

Prescribers must record the patient’s full name and address on the prescription. Pharmacists should verify these details during the claiming process. 

Verify that the patient’s prescription includes:

  • Prescriber’s name, address, and contact details.
  • Prescriber number.
  • Patient’s name and address.
  • Indication of whether the prescription is under the PBS or RPBS.
  • Notation if brand substitution is not permitted.
  • Use the authority approval number or approval stamp for Authority-required items.
  • Prescriber’s signature and date (forward or backdating is prohibited in certain cases).

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How Many Days Between Online Prescription Refills In Australia?

Advancements in telehealth platforms have made it easier for patients to access prescription refills online. 

Many pharmacies and healthcare providers now offer convenient online doctor services that allow patients to request refills, schedule consultations, and manage their medications remotely. 

These platforms often include automatic refill reminders and prescription tracking to help patients stay organized and compliant with their treatment regimens.

Under the PBS medications, the Safety Net early supply regulation means that certain medications, when provided within a timeframe following a prior supply of the same or an equivalent medication, will not contribute towards Safety Net benefits.

For such instances:

  • Patient contributions will not be considered in reaching the Safety Net threshold.
  • Pharmacists cannot apply discounts to PBS co-payments.
  • If the Safety Net threshold has been met, the patient will pay the standard non-Safety Net amount or co-payment for the prescription.

The Safety Net early supply regulation applies under the following conditions:

  • If a prescription is dispensed within 20 days of a prior supply, typically a month’s worth, of the same medication or an equivalent brand to the same individual under ‘immediate supply’ provisions.
  • If a prescription is dispensed within 50 days of a prior supply of a 60-day maximum dispensed quantity (60-day prescription) of the same medication or an equivalent brand to the same individual under ‘immediate supply’ provisions.


In recent years, advancements in telehealth and digital healthcare platforms have made it easier for patients to access prescription refills online

Ultimately, the number of days between online prescription refills in Australia can vary based on the nature of the medication, regulatory requirements, and healthcare provider preferences.

Understanding how long do prescriptions last and the regulations surrounding prescriptions is crucial for Australians. 

Most prescriptions last 12 months from issuance, with exceptions for certain medications. Online platforms provide refills, but patients must know the regulations to avoid unexpected costs.


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