The Guide – All About Online Medical Certificates in Australia

Medical Certificates


The Guide – All About Online Medical Certificates in Australia


An online medical certificate in Australia is a statement from a doctor or other qualified health professional attesting to the patient’s medical condition.

It is required for many purposes, but most importantly, it is used as an online sick certificate stating that the employee is unfit for work due to medical concerns.

Alternatively, employers may request medical certificates as mandatory for accessing specific health benefits.

Moreover, students can utilize online medical certificates to excuse themselves from attending school due to illness.

These certificates are highly confidential documents that must respect a patient’s right to privacy.

It is also suggested that the patient consent to the information provided when sharing sensitive medical information.

There are other situations where obtaining a medical certificate becomes necessary.

If you’re unwell or injured, a medical certificate can support your request for time off from school to aid in your recovery.

What does a medical certificate entail?

We adhere to the Australian guidelines for writing an online medical certificate. These are explained in the RACGP guidelines as well. These include:

  • Patient demographics: Name and DOB
  • Doctor details include name, address, AHPRA registration number, and qualifications.
  • Dates on which the patient was unable to attend work or study
  • Diagnosis (only if the patient requests and consents to this being written; otherwise, it is not required)
  • The date on which the certificate is issued
  • Doctor’s electronic signature

The certificate will be issued on our company’s letterhead pad, containing contact details for the employers if they need to verify the certificate’s authenticity. 

Who has the authority to issue an online medical certificate?

A medical certificate is issued by an AHPRA-registered medical doctor, such as doctors at Panraa clinics.

The certificate is presented on the healthcare provider’s official letterhead and includes the provider’s name, address, telephone number, and signature.

What are the necessary steps to get an online medical certificate?

It is best to consult a qualified online doctor to attest to the state of your condition if you are experiencing symptoms of illness or any other medical condition and require rest.

So, let us understand the steps to obtain a medical certificate.

Getting a Medical Certificate

The first step to obtaining a medical certificate is arranging an online doctor’s appointment with a certified healthcare provider.

Before your appointment, gather the necessary medical records and personal identification documents.

The doctor will review the information and call you if necessary or if certain information is missing. 

If approved, the doctor will email the certificate to you, complete clinical notes, and create a record of the medical certificate for future validation as required. 

Preparing for Your Appointment

When seeking a medical certificate, arranging an online doctor’s appointment with a qualified healthcare professional is crucial. You can schedule an appointment online with us.

Before a consultation, you will be required to take a brief questionnaire-based assessment so that we can evaluate you better and provide healthcare that best fits your concerns.

As mentioned, it is always best to provide accurate information to the healthcare provider to ensure the accuracy of your online medical certificate in Australia.

Issuing the Medical Certificate

After the medical assessment, the healthcare provider will furnish you with a medical certificate.

It’s worth noting that the exact process may vary based on your health condition and the type of certificate required.

How Panraa Clinics Can Help

Whether you are injured or unwell, we will provide an online medical certificate to you within 6 hours. Our online process is fast, secure, and accessible.

We ensure timely appointments. This means you do not have to wait outside a doctor’s office or schedule an appointment days before your consultation. We also ensure we have the correct information to issue you a prescription, so you must complete a questionnaire to understand your condition.

Our process is simple. You will need to fill out our questionnaire for an online medical certificate. Your health and safety are our priorities, and any information you provide will be kept strictly within the country’s borders.


A medical certificate is necessary for various aspects of life, including employment and education.

It is also suggested that you provide accurate information and agree to consent to sharing your information, respecting your privacy rights.

Licensed medical professionals issue these certificates, which include crucial details and may require additional validation. Preparing involves gathering essential documents and prioritizing your health and well-being.

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